Forex AutoScaler is the Flagship product from the SimpleXSystem line created by forex trader and educator Jeff Glenellis.  Founded in 2006, SimpleXSystem has been devoted the last 16 years to helping traders improve not only their trading skills but their psychological and emotional states when trading as well.

Forex AutoScaler was designed to help traders who find they are too impatient to wait for larger trades to set up and who prefer to trade the faster action on the 1 and 5 minute charts.  AutoScaler allows those traders to keep their original trading targets of 15-30 pips and automatically scale in extra trades as price action moves in their favor.

With the addition of the Step Stop in 2019, traders can now limit their overall loss exposure when trading with AutoScaler while at the same time maximizing the number of pips they can extract from the market in smaller trades.

In addition to AutoScaler, SimpleXSystem also offers a complete Renko chart training program (; a Masterclass on using lines of Support and Resistance to locate entries and exits on any chart ( and a trading method designed to be used by traders in the CFD markets (